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Preguntas comunes

Is it possible to rent a car for a specific manufacturer or model?
The booking can only be reserved for a car group. We do not guarantee a specific manufacturer / model but only according to the fleet availability at the time of pickup.
What are the types of vehicles you have available?
Within a huge variety we have available you can choose: compact, family, executive, SUV, minivan, luxury, commercial' cooling etc.
What are the types of Credit Cards allowed in order to rent a vehicle?
All Credit Cards are accepted and must have an available credit. Debit Cards (immediate charge) are not accepted. The International Credit Cards are accepted as well aside from Direct Cards.
Where is Ben Gurion Return Branch location?
The Branch is conveniently located in a Ben Gurion Terminal 1, Daya Street # 1, Lod , behind the UPS Building.
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What is the allowed kilometer usage while rental?
Kilometer allowance is according to the valid Pricelist displayed on the web-site. Should the kilometer usage be exceeded, the customer will be charged per each kilometer according to the Pricelist valid online and at the Rental Branch.
Can the vehicle be returned at a later time than the one it was pickup?
The time of the contract opening is the time the vehicle should be returned. For your convenience a grace period of one hour is available exceeding which will be a subject of an additional rental day charge. A rental day is 24 hours (or a part of it).
Can the vehicle be returned at a later time than the one it was pickup?
There is a possibility for the vehicle to be returned earlier than expected. Should the rental be shortened and the rental period changes, a daily price will be higher than the original one.
Should the contract be terminated earlier than expected will the charge be reduced?
Using a Toll Road is subject to a charge determined by the Issuer Operator followed by a handling fee assigned to the Rental Company according to the Pricelist displayed at the Rental Branches.
What is required at the time of pickup?
At the time of pickup the renter is required to present a valid driving license along with the license of the additional driver wishing to operate the vehicle while rental. The driving license must be valid at least for the time of the rental period. In addition, a Credit Card with available credit under the driver name must be presented.
Who is obligated to pay VAT?
The VAT supplement will be applied and calculated according to the total rental amount. Tourists holding a foreign Passport entering Israel presenting a foreign Passport along with a Border Control Stamp showing a B2, B3, B4 status will be exempt from VAT.
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